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published: Sunday | April 9, 2006
Hospitality Jamaica
Lead Stories

More positive economic signals needed
THE CONTINUED decline in the murder rate is a triumph for Minister Peter Phillips.

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New patrol boat to help drug fight
Guns and drugs ... the Montego Bay link
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29 convictions from protected witnesses
Decomposed bodies of two missing men found
Revisiting Michael Manley's social revolution


Can Simpson Miller eliminate corruption?
IN HER inaugural speech, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller vowed to eliminate corruption. Her ideal was posited exactly 14 years after her predecessor said that not even the smell of corruption would be allowed to destroy the fabric of...

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No birth papers could stop training in children's homes
Who am I?
Training in coping techniques for Grants Pen pastors
Revamp your résumé
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Unit trusts suffer as market declines
MOST INVESTORS wish that 2005 would just fade away as a bad memory or at the very least, be able to go back and change some of their investment decisions. The market had set itself up early on in the year with many promising signs for the...

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Tourists arrivals up


Ja in control at Tryall
MONTEGO BAY: JAMAICA TOOK a crucial step closer to survival in Davis Cup Americas Zone Group Two when they clinched the doubles rubber against Guatemala at Tryall yesterday.

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Jamaica Broilers increases basketball sponsorship
Reggae Boyz fly out today for friendly
Portmore's Barrett making the right moves
Marlon Samuels puts Melbourne in front
G.C. Foster take double
Lady Ballari upsets at 20-1 in feature
Waterhouse in driver's seat
The glory days will never be back until the love returns
Irish raider wins Grand National
World Cup duties for Capt Burrell


Signs of psychological pathology
YESTERDAY'S REPORT in The Gleaner that a prisoner at the Montego Bay Police Station was set ablaze by a policeman he accused of being homosexual is as disturbing as it is tragic.

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Building a growth momentum
What's so wrong with prayer?
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Ten days of PM Portia


Letter of the Day - 'Render unto Caesar ...'
THE EDITOR, Sir: THE MATTER of appointing church representatives to government boards has caused quite a stir, and has rekindled the age-long debate about the appropriate relationship between church and state, and religion and politics.

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A new day has dawned
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'REEL' GUNS raise concerns
IT IS said that dancehall music glorifies violence, and some argue that the brandishing of firearms in music videos is another instance of this.

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Shy tomboy blossoms into QUEEN
'Ward'ing off decay difficult
High fashion high High fashion, high price
Mad Cobra slithers almost alone

Arts &Leisure

PHOTOGRAPHIC SEEING - Differences between eye and camera
The camera does not 'see' the way the eye sees. To photograph well, it helps to understand how the camera 'sees'.

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Dear Tacky groundings
It a go choke we yu see
Artie and the unauthorised person
'Destination Sunrise' outshines dull cover
Fine arts and photography festival for Liguanea


STEPHEN FRANCIS, 42-year-old coach and CEO of MVP club is savouring the taste of success.

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In Focus

'AYATOLLAH' PORTIA? The Prime Minister and the pastors
WE HAVE a knack in Jamaica for turning every potential solution into a problem. Against the background of unacceptably high levels of corruption, abuse of public funds, a rapid decline in standards of decency and general moral decay ...

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Penalising those who prey - The sex offenders' registry
Predicting policy Portia's moral, minimalist government
Better must come? The nature of political expectations


HE PASSED as quietly as he arrived. Russian Ambassador Igor Lebedev died of an apparent heart attack on Friday, March 24, at his residence on Norbrook Drive, St. Andrew.

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'An upper class smasheroni'


AUDI EXHALES ... with high Q7 sales
VOLKSWAGEN'S PREMIUM Audi brand saw deliveries rise just over 9.6 percent in March, the first month in which its new Q7 SUV was on the market.

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Size matters
Get ready for high definition radio
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Venezuela, US officials disagree on ambassador's security detail
VENEZUELAN AND United States officials disagreed yesterday on whether the U.S. ambassador's police escorts were given adequate warning to prevent a run-in with protesters who pelted his car with eggs, onions and tomatoes, and chased his convoy on motorcyc

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Peruvians vote today

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