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Wynter downplays need for rescue fund
February 12, 2010 -

CENTRAL BANK Governor Brian Wynter, seeking to strike a tone of confidence after reports that some securities dealers could collapse under the debt exchange, said Wednesday at his maiden briefing on the economy that Jamaica may not need all of the US$950 million (J$85 billion) set aside as rescue funds for the financial sector.

JDX won't tame the next Budget - Debt servicing to top $306b, total spending $553b in 2010/11
February 12, 2010 -
EVEN AFTER major re-structuring of the country's domestic debt, the Jamaican Government is projecting a debt-servicing bill of $306.5 billion in 2010/11, suggesting a $27.4 billion or nominal 10 per cent hike on the cost of servicing its debt for the fiscal year that ends on March 31.


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BOJ still bankrolling Gov't - But not for the long haul, says governor
February 12, 2010 -
DESPITE ADVANCING more than $36 billion to the Government since November, and its continued gobbling up of GOJ securities shunned by private investors, the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) was this week contending that it would soon be reining in such support.

BOJ governor as confidence builder-in-chief - Wynter upbeat at first briefing
February 12, 2010 -
On Wednesday, new Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor Brian Wynter conducted his first quarterly press briefing, which was well attended.


Bailout, FINSAC and three-card tricks
February 12, 2010 -

One reader, whose bona fides I trust, commends me for the column in the Financial Gleaner, 'A bit of advice for Justice Carey'.

How to rebuild Haiti - Well-intentioned outsiders not enough
February 05, 2010 -

IN THE wake of the devas-tating earthquake, there has been an outpouring of interna-tional support for Haiti. The first priority has been saving lives.


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Get Your Company featured in our Corporate Corner

If you would like to get your company in this slot click here.

Power 106
The Boardroom,is just one of many exciting feature on Independent Talk

Power 106 FM, under its new theme Freedom to express yourself is striving to provide a forum for every sector, group and citizen to participate in...

This time, it's the Prius - Toyota probing brake design on hybrid - Posts US$1.7-billion profit in 4Q
February 05, 2010 -
TOYOTA MOTOR Corp returned to profit in the October-December quarter and raised its annual earnings forecast, but analysts warned of a grim outlook as a spreading safety crisis batters the automaker's reputation.

Tighter squeeze on bank pay
January 29, 2010 -
French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in a broad riposte to excess, told a room full of international bankers and CEOs just what they did not want to hear: Brace for bonus curbs, tighter banking regulations and new bookkeeping rules.

TRY: A New Mindset for New Investors Part 1
November 10, 2006 -

In this essay, we take a brief look at the basic principle, strategies and nuances that drive the stock market in general and individual portfolios in particular.

TRY: A New Mindset for New Investors Part 2
November 10, 2006 -

This essay is the 2nd part of “A New Mindset For New Investors”. It focuses on some of the strategies, which, if implemented, will endow to your success.

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