Things you should never tell him

Published: Monday | February 2, 2009

We know honesty is at the heart of any successful relationship. After all, honesty is the best policy but ladies, there are some things you should just not tell your significant other. It's not about being dishonest, it's simply that some things are best left unsaid.

(1) How many men you've slept with.

(2) The details of how you lost your virginity.

(3) You had an abortion.

(4) You cheated on an ex.

(5) Your friends' failed relationships. A man is very private, if you discuss his relationship, he'll think you're also telling your friends about him.

(6) That you had a threesome (with two guys).

(7)Your drunken escapades in college.

However ladies, if he asks any of the above, be honest, don't use these pointers as an excuse to lie.

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