Jamaica Gleaner Commentary

Published: Monday Monday | February 2, 2009

EDITORIAL - Lucille Mathurin Mair, the scholar-diplomat
"A scholar of great intellectual stature, a diplomat and international public servant who worked with diligence to advance and improve the status of women, not only in Jamaica and the Caribbean, but throughout the world." That is the memory which remains of one of Jamaica's finest...

Carnal, Muddled-sex and Sordid
All across Jamaica (Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey), sexual attitudes have become carnal, muddled-sex and sordid. Everything is about promoting sex, sexiness and sexuality. Tiny tots in make-up and bikinis parade onstage... - Garth Rattray

Ideas taking wings - I read the article written by the St Catherine High School students with a renewed respect for the youth of Jamaica. Their recommendation to keep Air Jamaica solvent by selling stocks to the public...