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published: Thursday | May 17, 2007

Lead Stories

AJ under fire - Lawyers blast Justice Minister for comments on judge
There is a furore in legal circles in respect of the response by Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, A.J. Nicholson, to comments made by Supreme Court Judge Almarie Sinclair-Haynes about the ministry's failure to provide hotel accommodation for her.

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Interfering with the judiciary
The value of prophecy
G-G Awards to include youth
'Punish girls too' - Children's advocate says underage girls should be held accountable for consenting to sexual acts.
Truck hijacked, driver's body found


Water delivery day in Harmons
There is no harmony in Harmons whenever the water truck comes around. "Gyal, kirout! Memba a me first did deh yah so!" shouted Lillian, a 40-something-year-old woman with a pronounced lisp and surprisingly long...

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'Resocialisation a must for effective change'
Gunmen invade Norwood
Montego Bay to welcome 'Liberty of the Seas'


Another Sandals Whitehouse probe? - Shaw wants int'l audit
Audley Shaw, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, now wants two more probes into the Sandals Whitehouse issue - a financial audit and an international forensic audit. This call comes after two investigations - one by a local forensic audit team and the other by the Contractor...

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Oil prices topple as US reserves rise


Awesome Holmwood
AFTER BLOWING away Old Harbour on yesterday's final day of their Grace Rural Area Under-16 cricket final at Chedwin Park, Holmwood Technical's coach Robert Lewis had every right to say his team was "head and shoulders" bove the rest....

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Long live 'King' Lara
'Hall of Fame' meet to feature walkathon
Sunderland star wants to be a Boy
Post-Lara era under way
Gordon's 28 steers Bulls past Pistons
Ebony Strikers, Alpha ready to rumble


EDITORIAL - Windies under curfew face turnaround test
They will not be overly optimistic but most people across the Caribbean will be hoping that the Test series starting in England today will mark the beginning of the turnaround of West Indies cricket. Of course, few will be queuing up to wager on a West Indies victory...

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Kingston Harbour: Green space and slavery memorial
'Flashing' in traffic
Understanding the diasporan family
NOTE-WORTHY: Education key


LETTER OF THE DAY - Free education? Pie in the sky dreams that turn into nightmares
The Editor, Sir: Mr. Stephen Smith, the pie in the sky dream of free education that Mr. Golding is leading a seemingly educated person such as you to believe is appalling. Your letter failed to quantify the cost of this free education in the same fashion...

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Tribute to DSP BarRett-Latchman - I feel your pain
Tribute to DSP BarRett-Latchman - Well done
Birth control firststep to end poverty
Questions about party funding


Coleen Robinson is Miss Trelawny Festival Queen
COOPERS PEN, Trelawny: Coleen Robinson, a 22-year-old teacher at the William Knibb Memorial High School, walked away with the Miss Trelawny Festival Queen crown on Sunday.In wining the top prize, she also won the Most Culturally Aware sectional prize....

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The bare essentials of beauty
The hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Farmer's Weekly

Coffee farmers restive again
Coffee farmers are again restive as it is unlikely that the Trustees of the Coffee Farmers Insurance Fund will be able to resolve the issues preventing the payout of the proceeds in time for this month-end deadline. Representative of the Blue Mountain coffee farmers...

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Fair-trade certification for Banana industry
St Ann to host agri-enviro science competition and fair
Big plans ahead for Agrofest 2007
Market life - Georgiana Reid

What's Cooking

Dining with the masters
Last Friday, Peter Kellond, deputy managing director of Half Moon, hosted an exclusive dinner at Sugar Mill Restaurant. Masters of food and wine were brought in - Chef de Cuisine Ainsley Lambie, Master of Wine Adrian Garforth, and Paul and Cynthia Hanworth from 1876 Wines.

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Helen Moffet joins the South African fray!
Portion distortion

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