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published: Sunday | April 29, 2007

Lead Stories

Accidents claim 10
Ten persons were killed in separate traffic accidents on the weekend, including Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) caretaker for North Western Manchester, Clinton Dietrich. This brings to at least 15, the number of persons killed in traffic collisions over the last eight days.

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Booting Bartlett - Majority St. Andrew East voters want MP to go; PNP regaining ground lost in 2002 election
Aussies celebrate hat-trick
'Dignified presentation' - Analysts give Golding high marks for Budget speech
No votes unless ...
Baha under fire again - WRA, NEPA threaten to take action against hotel for more breaches
Inefficient record-keeping system
Paediatric dialysis centre crucial urges medical professor


Family, friends shocked at councillor's death
Doreen Dietrich, widow of Clinton Dietrich, who died in a traffic collision yesterday, said she was awakened from her sleep by the loud sound of a car horn blowing at her gate."

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Today he begs, tomorrow ...
Ensuring justice is served
High demand for Jamaican hospitality workers in Massachusetts, USA
The making of the Gibraltar monument at UWI Mona
Living on the Rock's gritty edge - Residents of Rocky Point, Clarendon cry for help


Brittany Manor revived - Wood's Havendale development 80% complete
Christopher Wood's Brittany Manor, a gated community of about 50 two-bedroom middle-income townhouses on Watervale Avenue in upper Havendale, is back on the market and nearing completion, the developer said last week, having shaken off the controversy that prompted a cease order by local authorities two years ago.

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Techology centre launches business advisory network
The justice system lottery
DB&G to face disciplinary body on front-running allegations


Awesome Aussies
THE 2007 Cricket World Cup ended in style at Kensington Oval here yesterday with Australia, the mighty and invincible men from Down Under, walking away with the magnificent trophy as champions of the world and and with the winners' prize of US$2.4 million in their pockets.

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Commentary - Let's go for one of us
'Slicer' shines at Caymanas
Blake blazes away
No gold for Jamaican seniors in Philadelphia
Baton drop crushes hopes
Rattled Reno out to prove a final point
Chicago Bulls take charge
Manchester United close grip on Cup
Oracle fights off Kiwi challenge


EDITORIAL - The politics of financial disclosure
We find interesting, and worthy of serious debate, Bruce Golding's suggestion that candidates for Parliament be required to disclose their incomes and assets as part of proposed party-finance reform.

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Public Affairs - Jamaica's retreat from nationalism
A shaggy-dog tale
Gays again?
Homosexuality: a defining moral issue


LETTER OF THE DAY - In support of school zoning
The Editor, Sir: I notice with much satisfaction, the comments of your guests on your editors' educational forum on the matter of zoning of schools.

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No tolerance for homosexuals
Webley outburst sparks outrage
Toll road ill-conceived from the outset


Ward withers away
[The Ward Theatre] is in the heart of Kingston and I think the capital of any country should be a city rich with nightlife, theatre, music and alive with culture. By 6 o'clock, downtown lock down. I picture having the Ward Theatre running and jerk chicken for sale outside and steel pan playing; I see that picture..."

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Comedians reject 'joke' money
Songs of salvation not free
Sound clashes: the art of music war
South African dancers mesmerise the Park

Arts &Leisure

Triple exposure
Indelible marks were etched by three distinct fine artists this week across Jamaica. At the David Pinto's Studio, Good Hope in Trelawny, Japanese native Akio Takamori, ceramics professor at the University of Washington Art School, Seattle, conducted an impressive workshop in figurative ceramics on Wednesday.

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Fine arts festival today
Literary Arts - Undercover inside a prison
Literary Arts - Vicky


Would you ask a man to marry you?
Would I ask a man to marry me? Yes, I would and I have asked. I have never been a conformist for most things, and whichever gender is proposing, in general, was never an issue for us. I saw it as something that needed to be done...

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Sweet nothings or harassment?
Junior Powell making waves
Outlook Youth - Studying for exams
Why women go to the restroom in pairs?

In Focus

Is religion safe?
The Virginia Tech massacre is merely the latest and most deadly of such gruesome school killings in the United States, the most religious of the advanced industrial democracies. Why do those heinous tragedies not take place in post-Christian and largely godless Europe? (Boyne)

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Brian Lara's retirement and cricket's legacy
Funeral rites and popular culture
Budgeting for a miracle
For a better Jamaica
Should judges' age of retirement be higher?


Global beauty on parade
It's hard to imagine a more beautiful set of ladies gracing our island than those who came for last year's Miss Global pageant. But that's exactly what organisers are promising.

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Rhoden in commanding performance
After-budget bash


Attempted attack on government minister leaves 22 dead
A suicide bomber attempted to kill Pakistan's interior minister in an attack at a political gathering in a northwestern town yesterday that left at least 22 dead and 35 wounded, officials said.

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Wounded Virginia Tech students learn to move on

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