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Jamaica Gleaner Letters
published: Tuesday | October 7, 2003

Sick and tired of extortion issues
THE EDITOR, Sir: MAY I use this medium to direct some suggestions to the Prime Minister with regard to the unsavoury topic of extortion.

Medical account needed
THE EDITOR, Sir: I WOULD like to suggest to the government that unclaimed money from banks, insurance companies, the Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd...

Difficulty paying taxes
THE EDITOR, Sir: MY FRIEND who lives in Canada has a plot of land in St. Catherine. Wanting to pay her dues, she requested a local to pay her property taxes.

A total waste of money
THE EDITOR, Sir: I WAS surprised to read the results of your poll on the Emancipation Park statues and wonder who was questioned by the pollster.

This is not cricket
THE EDITOR, Sir: I HAVE been an enthusiastic viewer of live cricket since I first attended a match at Sabina Park in 1986.

Monitoring deportees
THE EDITOR, Sir: A VERY simple way to monitor deportees and some of those criminals in Jamaica, is to put on an electronic ankle bracelet on all those who arrive in the country, and establish a data base.

What are the grounds for arrest?
THE EDITOR, Sir: I AM incensed at the story in The Sunday Gleaner of September 28, 2003, where a man who called a judge "sexy" was subsequently arrested by a police officer.

Standardising bus fares
THE EDITOR, Sir: I WOULD like to draw your attention to an issue facing commuters travelling on the Kingston-to-May Pen route buses.

Be proud that you are black
THE EDITOR, Sir: TWO YEARS ago, I met a Jamaican lady on-line and after corresponding for seven months, I visited her in Jamaica. We got married a year ago.

Give credit to things Jamaican
THE EDITOR, Sir: THIS IS in response to G. Graham's letter regarding Malvo's mom's interviews. Sometimes I wonder how we Jamaicans are so pro-foreign.

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