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published: Sunday | June 29, 2008

Lead Stories

Chambers' killing - 'Attack on the state itself'
PRIME MINISTER Bruce Golding has scheduled an urgent meeting with Minister of Transport, Mike Henry, and members of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company's (JUTC) board tomorrow to discuss the future management of the state-owned bus company after the brutal slaying of its Chairman Douglas Chambers at the company's depot Friday afternoon.

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Teen prostitutes - Negril - trafficking hotbed, girls in poverty abducted
Designated coroner's courts coming
'Too good to be true' - Job offers lead to exploitation
Sex shop invasion - Communities appeal to authorities; practice devalues properties
Lawyers urge caution against video link
Great prospects at Prospect
Patois Bible in Pan-African and Pan-Caribbean context


Earth Matters - Decentralise emergency services, say planners
DIRECTOR GENERAL of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) Ronald Jackson, along with other public sector persons with responsibilities for disaster mitigation, is suggesting that Government decentralise some of the island's emergency response agencies and services.

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'Don't blame tourism'
Wheels of justice turn to old Goodyear factory
Patois or Jamaican Creole?
Jamaican ambassador and Canadian minister for NCU commencement


Internet usage shoots to 55% - 1.5 million Jamaicans surf the Web; Mullings aims for full penetration
Jamaica's Internet penetration has grown 20-fold in the last decade, and is now at 55 per cent, or 1.5 million users, according to the most recent global industry data compiled by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

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Does the Road Code apply to the police?
Offshore business, US trade policy likely to collide
New income tax threshold July 1
Caribbean tourism - unplanned and in crisis


Bolt romps home in 9.85 seconds
Usain Bolt was a comfortable winner of the battle of the world's two fastest men at the National Senior Championships last night. Running before a packed grandstand at the National Stadium, Bolt, who held his nerve after a false start, humbled the strong line-up to win in 9.85 seconds.

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Aussies too good for U-21s
Let's stop fooling ourselves
NZ top England 3-1
Adams urges Gayle to inspire Windies
Slogan upsets in feature
Windies hunt crucial win
Zimbabwe cricket chief hits out
'Kenny' on top against Hanover
Taylor slams whirlwind 90 as Windies women win
Gay sets 9.77 US record at trials
Impressive run for Cuba's 800m man
Final battle for glory


EDITORIAL - Of private opinion and public discourse
There can be a thin line between the sometimes necessary confidentiality in government and a muzzling of public discourse, which is essential to good governance. Two issues in Jamaica this past week highlighted this tension, but, surprisingly, drew little attention from the civil libertarians and free speech advocates.

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Problems with preventive detention
Peace treaties, detention and human rights
Splitting justice
Ignorance stalls good policing


Letter of the Day - English our second language
The Editor, Sir: Just challenging those who keep harping on the fact that our Jamaican Patois is difficult to read, and those others wringing their hands over the high illiteracy statistics.

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Children live what they learn
Extension is no solution
Train youth for peacekeeping


Jamaica the 'Perfect Getaway' for film-makers
Commissioner Dell Crooks' story about how the movie Perfect Getaway, which was shot in Negril, came to be filmed in Jamaica, is instructive.

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Pinkney 'picks' through personal Marley memories
Kevin Moore exchanges NY stress for Jamaica joy
The Voice - Nelly raps on Apple Bottoms and Jordans

Arts &Leisure

Creative canvases
An unlikely pairing of disciplines makes for an interesting display at the Edna Manley College (EMC). The school's Cag(e) Gallery opened the 'Best of the 2008 Final Year Show' exhibit on Tuesday, featuring the work of two creators from this year's crop of graduates.

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Exposing art through 'emBODYment'
Hartley Neita recreates 'The Search'
Literary Arts - The wonderful grace of God!
Book Review: 'Well-crafted story'


The BRADA battle - Women ride with pride
Come July 9, for the first time in our history, a female cycling team - the BRADAGirls - will enter and compete against men on an equal footing in the all-island one-week tour organised by the Jamaica Cycling Federation.

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Single in the city - Mr Good Enough
Doctor's advice - Will she still be able to have sex?
Outlook Youth - What to do when your teen has a boyfriend/girlfriend
Dear Jamaica - Respecting differences

In Focus

ABSURDITIES - Balancing political and economic rights
Bruce Golding says it is a constitutional absurdity that a Commonwealth citizen can vote and be elected to the Jamaican Parliament after spending only a year in Jamaica, while a Jamaican citizen who lives overseas and is a citizen of another country cannot be elected here. (Buddan)

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A recipe for abuse, chaos
Human rights and preventive detention
The Vale Royal talks and human rights
Detention without reasonable cause: Not the solution to crime (Part I)
Recent court decisions require review


The way to go
My daahlings, there are parties, and there are parties. When it comes to throwing parties, the matriarch of the Hussey family of the sport of kings fame, the charming Ruth Hussey and hubby Laurie Hussey are the king and queen of the fab dos!

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The 'art' of diplomacy
Bye-bye, Thai


Karts line up for big carnival
Hundreds of motor fans are expected to cram the corners of the Palisadoes International Raceway, Kingston, next weekend, for the three-day 'Caribbean Karting Carnival' international go-kart race meet.

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Return of the drags
Mario's rant - Motorsport on high heat

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