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published: Thursday | December 6, 2007

Lead Stories

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) again! Wins local government polls amid low turnout
The ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is celebrating its second straight victory at the polls in just three months, its third in four years, having swept yesterday's local government elections. At the end of the preliminary count last night, the JLP had won nine of the 13...

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More slain on poll day
Low turnout in the west - But JLP and PNP trade irregularity claims
Bored election-day workers
Grenada opens arms to gay cruises
Thursday talk: Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit


Trotting through Chapelton
In the centre of the town called Chapelton in Clarendon, Millicent Gunther is waiting on a taxi. She is a meagre, little woman who celebrated her 82nd birthday only a week ago. Much to the chagrin of her centenarian husband, William, she refuses to wear the spectacles prescribed...

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Dualisation of Bogue Road scrapped 'til next fiscal year
Media takes spotlight in corruption prevention
Electronic voting malfunctions
Argentine Supreme Court to receive press award
Prime Minister calls on young Jamaicans to strive for excellence
Ladybird to wipe out pink mealy bugs


$60m loan window for small hotels, attractions
Jamaica National Small Business Limited (JNSBL) has opened a $60 million loan window for small hotels and attraction companies, under a deal struck with its parent Jamaica National and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF). The TEF, a state entity, will front the funds for the scheme ...

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Turn emails into your free, virtual PR agent
Five-year mortgage freeze


Portmore, Seba inkey clash
THE BATTLE for places in the first end-of-round final of the Cash Plus Premier League (CPPL) will continue today with two rescheduled matches and the organisers and supporters of the current format could hardly have asked for a tighter race.

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Final postponed in honour of McKenley
Murali's heroics seal win
Hatton's confidence grows ahead of clash
Asafa's award stirs debate
Hall heaps high praise on Simoes
It's club or country again


EDITORIAL - Golding, the press and libel laws
Prime Minister Bruce Golding is scheduled, this morning, to deliver what could be among the most defining speeches of his public life when he addresses a seminar on press freedom and corruption prevention.

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Thwaites' education proposal
A new kind of politics
NOTE-WORTHY: Drug war fuels crime


LETTER OF THE DAY - New forex trading regulation needed
The Editor, Sir: In relation to the present debate on foreign exchange schemes I want to make a few points.In the United States, the regulators developed a new, and separate, regulatory framework to to deal with these new forex financial products....

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Politicians' insulting rhetoric
Bad cruise port idea
Respect the Constitution
All not lost for young men
Unfortunate analogy
NSWMA's rotten job
What's behind the crime surge?


Christmas time, Jonkunnu time
A familiar memory that many Jamaicans share about Christmas time is running from a 'Horse head', 'Belly woman' or other characters in a 'Jonkunnu' band as they made their way through towns across the island. For many, this may have been a thrilling exercise...

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Britney may have sex tape of Paris

What's Cooking

Let the cookie crumble
I was recently invited to an early Christmas tea party. It wasn't just any old tea party with sandwiches, scones and cakes. Oh no, there was an entire table laid out with 'bouquets' of Christmas-themed cookies and various others decorated as reindeer, stockings, bells, holly....

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Students display culinary skills at int'l food fair
'Nyam Jamaica' is here at last
Red Label Wine Christmas Cake Competition


Episcopal Church faces possible major defection
CHICAGO (Reuters):The United States (U.S.) Episcopal Church faces major tumult this week when an entire California diocese with more than 9,000 members decides whether to secede in an unprecedented protest over gay issues. The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin...

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Iran 'vindicated' following US report

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