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Jamaica Gleaner Letters
published: Saturday | February 28, 2004

LETTER OF THE DAY - The MoU needs management
THE EDITOR, Sir; THE MEMORANDUM of Understanding (MoU) between the Government of Jamaica and the trade unions can be a major breakthrough achievement for the Government if it is managed properly.

If not the poor then who ...?
THE EDITOR, Sir: DEPORT THE Haitians! I beg to differ with the tenuous logic of the letter to the Editor. If Jamaica should not help the poor, then whom should we help? The rich? Those who do not need the help or who can return the favour? Or is there...

J'cans have poured into other countries
THE EDITOR, Sir: I STRONGLY feel that Jamaica should open its borders to the Haitians fleeing the strife in their country. It is therefore heartening to see that the government is doing something to help.

Why aren't we our brother's keeper?
THE EDITOR, Sir: AREN'T WE a part of CARICOM? Isn't Haiti a part of the same organisation? I know that Jamaica has our own set of problems, some that no country can help us with, but in the meantime, if all we can do is house a couple of refugees...

Copacabana's perennial water problem
THE EDITOR, Sir: I HAVE been a resident of Copacabana, Bull Bay in the parish of St. Andrew for well over a decade now. The arid seaside community is plagued by a perennial water problem. I will ignore the problems of high salinity and calcified...

'Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery'
THE EDITOR, Sir: AREN'T WE tired of getting up every morning hearing the same news on our television and radio 'two killed in a drive by shooting'.

To cry or not to cry
THE EDITOR, Sir: THE ARTICLE captioned 'No crying at funerals!' written by columnist Devon Dick was very refreshing. The point made by Devon that it is alright to cry and that even Jesus wept is well taken. He also pointed out the benefits of...

My sympathy goes out
THE EDITOR, Sir: THIS IS in reply to the person living in Florida who suggests, that Jamaica deport all the Haitians, like the U.S.A intends to do.

Make a difference in the world
THE EDITOR, Sir: I AM writing in regards to a letter sent by Ulrich May, entitled "Deport the Haitians", published on February 26, 2004. Ms/Mr. May's point was that since Jamaica is poor, we should not make an effort to help the poor Haitians.

Jamaica has enough problems
THE EDITOR, Sir: IN REFERENCE to the crisis in Haiti: Jamaicans are very generous, and helpful to others. We in South Florida have experienced many problems with refugees in our area.

What an evil letter
THE EDITOR, Sir: 'DEPORT THE Haitians': What an evil letter. How can some people be so callous? When we think of the thousands of Jamaicans who illegally entered other countries and are now established, educated, and are contributing to the...

We are rich in compassion
THE EDITOR, Sir: I CANNOT contain my anger and utter disgust at the opinions expressed in the letter written by Ulrich May in the February 26 issue of this newspaper.

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