Knock, knock! Who's Anthony Carpenter? - Much about VCB's new coach remains a mystery

Published: Wednesday | November 4, 2009

Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer


Much about Anthony Carpenter - the man who for the foreseeable future will coach two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown - remains a mystery, almost two weeks since it was revealed he will be the new man in charge of guiding her progress when the 2010 track season begins.

Even a photo of the coach is hard to come by.

News broke recently that Campbell-Brown had parted ways with her long-time coach, Lance Brauman. Brauman had coached the 2007 100-metre world champion since her days at Barton County Community College and was directly responsible for her success as one of the greatest female sprinters of all time. It was also revealed that Carpenter was to be her new coach.

But, who exactly is Anthony Carpenter? Not very many people seem to know. Even American track and field bloggers know very little. On the blog site, A View From The Finish Line, blogger Conway Hill remarked: "Recently, I talked about the elite level of the sport and the effect that money has had as the sport has attempted to grow from an amateur sport into a professional one. The 'growing pains' that have stressed the sport on the money front has seemingly spilled over to the coaching front. I say that, after reading on Friday that, Veronica Campbell-Brown is leaving Lance Brauman - the coach that has guided her to nine world and Olympic medals, including three gold. The coach that she is leaving him for is Anthony Carpenter. No offence to Carpenter, but everyone I've talked to so far is asking: 'Who is Anthony Carpenter?'

However, when he was contacted recently, Carpenter declined to reveal anything about his coaching career or which other world-class athletes he currently coaches.

"I have a significant amount of coaching experience," was all he would offer in response to questions posed to him with regards to his experience and what other athletes he coached.

"I have significant expertise. I have no other comment at this time."

What is known is that he will also be coaching Herbert Morrison past student and world junior champion, Dexter Lee.

Carpenter is also a coach at the Titans Track Club, based in Marietta, Georgia. According to the Titans website, the club offers more than just getting athletes to run fast.

"The Titans programme is not just about running and athletic conditioning; moreover, it is a training ground for the next generation of productive citizens."

The name Anthony Carter also appears on the USA Track and Field (USATF) website, on a list of coaches that chaperoned athletes to the 2009 USATF National Junior Olympic Championships earlier this year.


Claude Bryan, who manages Campbell-Brown, indirectly confirmed Carpenter's association to the Titans.

"He runs a youth club in the state of Georgia and he coaches a list of incredible athletes," he said, though he declined to say who those athletes were.

Bryan said the athlete is quite satisfied with her new coach's credentials.

"He has what she is looking for," he said. "She has come to the determination that he has the requirements."

With regards to Brauman, Bryan shot down media reports that Brauman may not have been properly informed that VCB was leaving him for Carpenter.

"He was told a week prior to the story that came out," Bryan said.

Campbell-Brown and her husband, Omar, begin training this month with some injury concerns. Omar is only just now getting comfortable after missing virtually the entire season rehabilitating from ankle surgery. Veronica is still working to overcome a persistent toe infection that remains a bit of a concern.

"It (toe injury) is not totally behind her yet. It's still problematic," Bryan said. "She is doing the necessary treatment ... to ensure that she will be in good nick for the 2010 season."

It will be a busy season for VCB, who plans to run indoors for the first time since 2006. Bryan explained that since there are no major championships next season it would be an opportune time to venture back indoors.

She also has to play catch up to three women who have taken a distinct leap forward in the 100-metres. Carmelita Jeter, Shelly Ann Fraser and Kerron Stewart ran much faster last season than Campbell-Brown has ever ran.

"She realises that she has a lot of work to do to get to the 10.7-10.6 range, which is where medals are being decided now," Bryan said.

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