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Jamaica Gleaner Letters
published: Wednesday | November 26, 2008

LETTER OF THE DAY - Gladiator contests for death-row candidates
The Editor, Sir: I just had the pleasure/nightmare of spending six months on a project in Jamaica. While I had a rather pleasant experience over all, I have to comment on some problems. What is wrong with the majority of good people...

Break their necks publicly

The Editor, Sir: I think it is full time for the judicial system of my loving country to retake the reins of justice, honour, dignity and service for the good of the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, who mourn, every single day,...

Jamaica fuel costs still too high

The Editor, Sir: All across the world, gas prices have moved down 35-45 per cent already while, in Jamaica, gas prices have only moved down some 24 per cent. The same is true of oil-based energy prices...

Correction to GDP data

The Editor, Sir: During the PIOJ's quarterly press briefing on November 17, 2008, I incorrectly compared the flat GDP performance for the July-September quarter with a 2.7 per cent decline for the corresponding period in 2007...

In defence of democratic institutions

The Editor, Sir: There is a much-quoted saying which states, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". If we believe that our freedom is integrally woven into the principle of democracy, we must show more vigilance in defence of our democracy.

Hang the wretches!

The Editor, Sir: It is very important that capital punishment be put in place. Something has to be done fast and no one should ever stop to think about counselling these perverts.

Appointments to Caribbean Court

The Editor, Sir: This is in reaction to the column by Rev Devon Dick last week:Dear Rev Devon Dick:Your piece, 'Patrick Robinson and the Caribbean Court', in The Gleaner of November 20, has an unfortunate inconsistency ...

Defending gay view on families

The Editor, Sir:It was with a great sense of pride that I completed reading your editorial of November 20. As a gay Jamaican I suddenly had a sense of pride and renewed faith in our local media. The headline and content of that article resonated...

Christianity and death penalty

The Editor, Sir:I suspect that by the time this letter has been printed Parliament would have already decided on whether to uphold the death sentence or not. Generally, the Bible is not clear cut on whether persons should be executed by the state or not.

Last-resort status of Carib Court

The Editor, Sir:In response to the column, 'Patrick Robinson and the Caribbean Court', by Rev Devon Dick, please note that Judge Patrick Robinson and Yugoslavia Tribunal are in The Hague, in The Netherlands and not Geneva, Switzerland...

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