* Do you have the news in a computer format?
News from 1992 is available in word format.

Most of the news from past issues is only available on microfilm. PDF pages from Gleaner issues dating back to 1834 is now available online at or

Customers can gain access via subscriptions.

The rates for subscription are:
Day - us$7.95
Quarter - us$29.95
Year - us$49.95 .

* Is the news on the Internet?
The Gleaner Company's web site portal is called Go-Jamaica ( It contains about one fifth of each day's news from The Gleaner . It also contains back issues of this abbreviated news from 2005 forward.

* How do I access the Gleaner's web site?
The web site address is or It is printed on the front page of both The Gleaner and The Star. If there are further questions, please call (876) 922-3400 to to 9 ext. 6262 or e-mail

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