Sale of Newspapers

* Can I buy a back issue of a newspaper?
Every day thirty copies of Gleaner newspapers are delivered to the Archive. They are sold on a first come first serve basis until all but the preservation copies are gone.

* What does it cost to buy a back issue of a newspaper?
Papers up to three months old are sold at the current rate that is printed on the page. If the publications are over three months old, a surcharge is added.

The IS Department does not set the price rates for the sale of newspapers and does not take orders for newspapers. To purchase a newspaper, refer inquiries to Mrs. Kimona Mullings in the Circulation Department,
(876) 922-3400 ext. 6049.


* How far back do you keep newspapers?
The Gleaner Company keeps a physical preservation copy of The Gleaner and The Star as far back as 1968. These preservation copies are not for sale. The Gleaner Company has a microfilm copy of The Gleaner back to 1834, when it began publication. Although the collection is incomplete, we are working to fill the gaps. You can also visit for PDF versions of the microfilmed pages.

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