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Aiming at your dreams
published: Sunday | March 26, 2006

Amina Blackwood-Meeks

MISS LADY summons Likkle Miss Jing Bang and warn har soundly. Tell har fe teck sleep an mark det. For she been listening to all de news bout a banns a swearing what a swear fe gwaan an it call back to har mind a saying what har granny use to have fe sey, "Ole hooma a swear fe nyam callaloo an callaloo a swear fe run har belly." For she sey after March de 30 inna disya likkle Jamaica yah, nuff tings is going to get nyam an nuff consequences is goin to follow. As a matter of fack, she sey it start areddi.

For look what happen to de Likkle Miss Jing Bang she. Ascardin to har, wha day she feel fe likkle Satday soup an chu she never feel like go batta up roun nuh stove she jump into har jilappy an fine herself into a plaza where soup sell. She sey no sooner she draw brakes dan some banns a man swarm roun har a tell har sey is a no parking area she park into. Well, yu know JB. She haffe gane talk bout is stop she stop is not park, an furdermore she nuh see no sign to such effeck.


Well she sey one a de man dem come right up to har car window an show har fe him sign wid him finga, order har outa de plaza like sey it was him personal yaad an ax har if she tink sey chu hooman a go tun Prime Minista she can jus come park which part she have a mind. Well JB teck him awn. For when man was running de place an man park whey dem have a mind dat deh kine a question never enter nobaddi head much more come outa dem mout. So it come into har like something really change bout de time an we into a different time fe true.

Well is dat Miss Lady sey, nuff man teck it fe a time fe prove sey dem is bull buck and duppy conqueror an deh pan a swearing bout what dem a go do to hooman now to prove sey hooman is nutten but a likkle upstart. For all dat deh man him, whey him tink bout him madda an him daughta and fe har madda? An all de man dem what have dem deh notion inna fe dem head, what him rightfully bout de hooman dem what raise all de man dem fe tun into tings so dem cudda tun roun now an tink sey hooman cudden tun into tings demself?


Well what a debil of a proving a go gwaan. For Miss Lady sey is full time we prove sey every living smaddy get wan brain if all a dem get de same opportunity an encouragement, any a dem can accomplish anyting. Full time fe prove dat. She again a full time fe we accep de proof sey wan smaddy can decide sey de Cinderella clothes naw wear again an gwaan work an work till dem fine de suit what dem decide sey fit dem. Full time fe we maintain de time whey every Jack an Jill can free fe wallo into dem own accomplishment for if smaddy nuh accomplish a ting a nex smaddy who come after dat nuh have nutten fe build pan.


Miss Lady sey dis a time whey nuff people did dream bout an it can turn into a time when nuff more dreams become greater and better realities for pants and shirts and blouse an skirt same time. But she sey if yu leff it up to some people yu hear Martin Carter duppy a wail out an warn bout de people dem who wudda wish fe turn dis into "a dark time, my love ... a carnival of misery". She sey dem a de people who "watching you sleep and aiming at your dream".

For she sey dem did do it arreddi. A nuff place furder de whole a we cudda a reach if we did stop from long time treat odda people like dem belongs to a lesser god. An if we nuh reach de time when we prove sey a certain action what we do to weself whey cause adda people fe come teck step wid we, we naw go have nuh supper what dawg want. But she sey she a watch dem. An when dem tink sey a sleep she a sleep a peep she a peep. An is dat she want JB fe do. Kip har eyes wide open an watch dem. Guard de time well. Is a time fe see "whose boot of steel tramps down the slender grass". Is a time fe we grab de chance to build a better version of humanity, set a better example of weself to weself. An dat, she sey, is not easy walk to nutten.

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