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Blane Stoddart - the Jamaican working to make Philadelphia more than just about the Penn Relays

Blane Stoddart is well known in industry circles across Philadelphia as the ‘go to’ guy

Suspicious driver's licence law

Immigrant community concerned about info sharing

Green Card for professionals

Proposed changes an opportunity for qualified professionals in Jamaica

Toronto tech boost

Jamaican plays key role in attracting major North American conference

Healthcare fix

Jamaicans in California could benefit under proposed medical care expansion

Diaspora Conference 2019 | Show us results!

G2K president says conference must show metrics of achievements

Don’t Overstay!

Jamaicans at risk of being denied US visas

Fair pay

Report finds huge gaps in income for migrants, youth in Toronto

Adopt-a-Clinic Programme | Guy’s Hill fights challenges to serve patients

Despite the many challenges being experienced, the Guy’s Hill Health Centre, in St Catherine community, has been serving residents of three parishes since its inception

‘Friends of Falmouth’ lobby launched in NY

A group - “Friends of Falmouth”- has been formed in New York to spur economic activities and historical preservation

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